Company Culture

Company Culture

Publication Design, Inc. is a neighborhood kind of place. We don’t have a fancy lobby. PDI’s design studios and administrative areas are pleasant, clean, and comfortably spacious. The production areas are generally stacked to the walls with work in progress. Every one of our employees could probably tidy up their desk and straighten a bookshelf or two; the kitchen sink usually has dirty dishes, and the employee refrigerator is perpetually in need of attention.

But somebody once said about PDI: “You know, this looks like a place where work gets done.” We took that as high praise.

Guiding Principles

Publication Design, Inc. was founded in 1988 as a magazine design studio using personal computers. In 1989, PDI’s two employees designed what was arguably the first weekly magazine in the country that was produced entirely on a desktop computer and imaged straight to film.

Today, PDI continues to offer cutting-edge ideas and technology to solve tough marketing challenges. We are the one-stop source for direct marketing, graphic design and digital printing in Colorado. Our staff is second to none.

Our clients include Leprino Foods, Colorado Academy, Castle Pines Golf Club, Denver Art Museum, Denver Health, The Bawmann Group, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, Bonfils Foundation, Comfort Dental Centers, Mid-West Electric Consumers Assn, Rio Grande Scenic Railroad, Linc Energy, Tuskegee Airmen,
The Urology Center of Colorado and Wheat Ridge 2020.